Are you a Gen Y Girl and feel like you have a considerable amount of passion? But don’t know where to spend it? Or maybe you don’t know where to find it. Are you open to the world full of choice, but don’t know where to start? Maybe you’ve got the “Shiny new thing syndrome”.. you keep seeing something new you like or simply..  you just change idea.

If you come from a fortunate country, you may feel overwhelmed with choice. We can have a full-time job AND attend university. Student loans and credit cards, allowing us to change the direction of our course at any time. Want a new car? get it financed. A house? ask for a mortgage. Learn Chinese? there’s an app for that. Ok, ok. I know it is not that simple, but, we have grown up being taught that with a “secure job” we can “secure” many things. The thought of purchasing everything on credit, before I can even afford it or know it is what I really want. To stay in a 9 – 5 to pay for the things I have already consumed. This can be viewed as comfort, or even freedom, to some, but to me, it’s an anchor to my adventurous heart.

The past five years have taught me a lot about myself. I have spent them searching for my calling, dabbling in undertakings along the way and unable to stick to a “secure” path. Some, but not all, include: working as a receptionist in Sydney, studying Nutritional Medicine, moving to London, backpacking around Europe, starting a writing and a photography course, learning about Internet and Network Marketing, studying personal growth books, attempting an accounting course, becoming a Nanny, teaching English as a foreign language, booking spontaneous flights (under the influence) on my credit card to NY, moving to Rural WA, making wine, drinking wine, managing a bankrupt hotel in Canada, learning how to sketch, learning another language. Let us just say that I have been overwhelmed with choice, changing paths frequently, both finding (and lots of times losing) confidence in myself along the way. 

At the ripe age of 25, I have come to the conclusion that this will probably never change. That this is who I am. I am sure I will start to settle down, but I like to continuously live and learn, to try 500 new things, to move to 500 new cities, to have 500 interests. You should see my vision board, I think it scares my boyfriend sometimes. So.. the Chloe 500 was born. It is the concept of creating a life that is important to you, without signing everything over to the bank. With an open mind and heart, I found a way to create a life, around the millions of my passions (without even knowing what they all are yet) but taking responsibility along the way. A way to “secure” my finances without “securing” my time.

Here, I hope to share my journey, to support those Gen Y’s who feel the same & to educate on the possibilities.