Global & Virtual Business

There are many different Virtual & Global Network Marketing companies, so it is important that you choose one that is important to you. When I decided that I wanted to have a Network Marketing Business to secure my income, but not secure my time, I had to get really clear on my values, the people I wanted to work with and what products and services I believed in.

These were a few questions I had to ask myself:

  • What was I using on a daily basis that was an expense, that I could turn into an income? (remember you should get paid to use your own products or services in Network Marketing)
  • What kind of people did I want to “do life with”? (this is a lifestyle business, your partners will end up being people to spend lots of time with)
  • Who would be my customers and how would I find them?
  • Was the company transparent, what was its history, where had it launched and what was its future plan

So, after my research and yes trying out a few companies, I finally found the one that resonated with me most. And this is how it answered my questions.

  • Consumable products, skincare, makeup, haircare, nutritional and personal care products
  • Women, a supportive environment, young #girlbosses with results & leadership skills.
  • I would always be bumping into women, for the rest of my life.
  • With a 35 year history, launched in 7 countries and plans for 90 countries more, CEO’s from global brands like McDonald’s and products that are sent to labs for open testing for the public eye, yes, the company is transparent.

Next, I trialled the products and studied the compensation plan. I knew that there was a 45-day money back guarantee, and within those days if I didn’t see results or agree with the products, I could send them back for a full refund.

Then, I had to find a way I could run it online. The company I choose was active in Australia, the UK, New Zealand, the USA, Canada, Taiwan & Poland. I, however, was (and still am by the way), living in Italy. Through Social Media and Zoom, I found a way to launch new consultants online, run my presentations online, and even run events online. This means that no matter what country I decided to live in, I could run my business successfully.

This was the Network Marketing Company that would support the Chloe 500.

Now. What do you need for a Chloe 500 Lifestyle Makeover?